Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Friday: Krispy Cheese Wafers

Community cookbooks come in all formats. While we tend to associate them with having a comb binding, sometimes they are very simply put together.

Recipes from Salem Church gives us few clues to the place that it originated. The handwritten title, typewritten recipes, and staples suggest that it is pre 1990. Unfortunately, the Salem United Methodist church did not label what city or state it is located.  The previous owner of the cookbook states she thinks she picked it up in Iowa in the 1970s.

Today's recipe is an interesting one. Most of us have had a  "traditional" Rice Krispy Treat with all of its sweet gooey goodness. Krispy Cheese Wafers uses the cereal in a more savory way.

Have you made a recipe using Rice Krispies that wasn't for the Rice Krispy Treat?

My thanks goes out to Lee Eltzroth for gifting me this and many other cookbooks. Please visit her great blog Hunting and Gathering.