Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food Friday: Chocolate and Tomatoes

One way to market a food brand or an appliance is to provide a cookbook with purchase or as a premium.  You probably have a few of these sitting around your house. The last one we received was in the packaging of our outdoor grill.

While a cookbook for an outdoor grill will have everyday favorites, some cookbooks for food products in years gone by included, let's say, imaginative ways to use the food product. Obviously, the more ways you convince someone they can use a food product the more likely you are to sell large quantities of that food product.

As I was reading The Food Chronology by James Trager I came across an interesting way to incorporate a candy bar into a side dish. The Oh Henry! candy bar company distributed a free cookbook in the early 1920s.  One of the dishes was Oh Henry! Stuffed Tomatoes. This dish included two Oh! Henry candy bars, three tomatoes, mayo, lettuce and salt. I found a food blogger, the Candy Professor, who posted the recipe and instructions should you want to serve this for your Easter buffet.

Trager also writes that the one of the other recipes is Oh Henry! Surprise Pie.  Boy I would sure like to know what that was.