Friday, January 31, 2014

Food Friday: Everyday I Write the (Cook) Book 1970s style

Last week I featured a  "homemade" version of a community cookbook. This week, I decided to feature another example.

This week's Food Friday recipe comes from Teacher's Pets from the staff at Berlyn Avenue School (1971-1972). There is no city indicated in the cookbook but it was purchased in Claremont, California and there is a Berlyn Avenue School in the nearby city of Ontario.

The cover of this book may have been made by the school children. It appears to be created from a paper grocery sack and then decorated with crayon and paint.

This is what the inside of the cover looks like.

As one would expect from this era the pages  have been duplicated using a mimeograph machine.

Today's recipe has two things I love, sauerkraut and chocolate, though I hadn't really considered putting them together.

Has anyone tried this cake before?