Friday, August 31, 2012

Food Friday: Party Bean Glop from The Liggett Alumnae

The Liggett Alumnae Cook Book (1950) produced by the Liggett Associate Alumnae has some great 1950s recipes and advertising.

Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree  and automaker Henry Ford II wrote a foreword to the cookbook that proclaims:

"Not a man alive has walked through his kitchen without casually noticing some simple change that would vastly improve its operation. A few generations ago he wisely kept these dangerous thoughts to himself, fearing his life and limb if wife and cook should get wind of his subversive thoughts."

Continuing on his idea that men are better left out of the kitchen he concludes,

 "I hope that all women enjoy it thoroughly (the cookbook) and that wise men read no further."

Henry Ford II was the oldest grandson of Henry Ford and the son of Edsel Ford. At one point, the Fords helped the school move to a different location in 1928.

One of the great aspects of this cookbook is that the name of the recipe contributor and their graduation year is listed with each recipe. The women's name seem to also include both their maiden and married name.

Today's recipe is for Party Bean Glop (page 54) which is basically  mushrooms, mushroom soup, beans and butter soaked bread. The name reminded me of a dip but apparently this is a vegetable to be served with dinner.

The Table of Contents states for the vegetable section of the cookbook "Cook them this way and even your meat eating man will love'em."

But of course that's only after you've threatened their life and limb.