Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hear About Cookbooks at the Family Tree University Virtual Conference

I love attending genealogy conferences. There are so many benefits that those 2-4 days can have on your research. Presentations, networking, and new resources from a conference can greatly enhance your research.

Going to a conference without leaving your home can be even better.

The Family Tree University Virtual Conference, September 14-16, provides you with all the benefits of attending a conference without having to leave your home. Pay to stay in a hotel? Find a parking space? Hassle with traffic? Forget about it!

Where's the Cookbooks???

I will be presenting two of my favorite subjects at the Virtual Conference. Top 10 Tools for Social History and Cook Up Answers about Immigrant Ancestors. To check out the other speakers and their topics click here.

Register Now!

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Register today by clicking here.