Friday, April 19, 2013

Food Friday: Pass the Root Beer and Japanese Chop Suey

Today's Food Friday comes from the Woman's City Club Cook Book. Compiled by the Library Committee of the Woman's City Club of Chicago, 1923. This book is available on Internet Archive's Cookbooks and Home Economics Collection.

This cookbook provides us names associated with recipes and no other genealogically relevant information.

It includes a faux recipe, along the lines of what I wrote about last week. This one is specific to Chicago.

Fridays seem to beg for a simple recipe. And no recipe is simpler than this one provided by Sue Seeley.

I've written about American Chop Suey in my book From the Family Kitchen before. This version of Sukiyaki is called Japanese Chop Suey, maybe to give American women some context to better understand it. Sukiyaki is a soup or stew that includes meat and vegetables with soy sauce and sugar. The website Japanese Food has a recipe.