Friday, September 20, 2013

Food Friday: Working Mothers' Casserole from the LA County Fair

Ok, true confession time. Many years ago I won a few blue ribbons for some flavored vinegars I submitted to the Los Angeles County Fair. So you can imagine my excitement when I came upon today's cookbook at a library book sale. While this was prior to my fair winnings, I love the idea of a cookbook that includes all of the award winning recipes. Each recipes includes the  prize awarded, names, and cities.

Today's cookbook is the Los Angeles County Fair Award Winning Recipes 1988. Compiled by The Home Arts Department.

For today's recipe I chose one of the winners in the Working Mothers' Casserole category. This recipe includes an ingredient from my childhood, canned tamales.

In case you have a hankering to go to the Los Angeles County Fair to eat some fair food and gaze at prize winning entries, the fair runs for another 9 days. Check it out at their website.