Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feeding the Masses: Family Reunion Food

Are you taking some time this summer to have a family reunion? If you are, I'm sure that the subject of food has come up. A family reunion, depending on the number of people, can be like Thanksgiving only supersized. The following links may give you some ideas about what to plan.

Feeding the Crowd at a Family Reunion by Cheryl Fall

Reunion Food from Reunions Magazine

You might also consider older cookbooks, especially church cookbooks. They often provided quantities and recipes for feeding 50 or more.

From Evansville's Favorite Recipes (Evansville, Minnesota). From the collection of Gena Philibert-Ortega
I will say I'm a little confused if you need to serve all of this for 50 people or if each quantity is what you need for 50 people. We typically serve a 25 lb turkey for Thanksgiving and I don't think that is enough to serve 50 people and the 2 gallons of ice cream probably wouldn't go far.

Now with all of that food in mind there's also the problem of not giving anybody a reason to visit the hospital. Consider these food safety tips from Foodsafety.gov.