Friday, March 22, 2013

Food Friday: Food a la Dorcas

This week's Food Friday is from the  Dorcas Society cookbook, A Book of Dorcas Dishes. Family Recipes Contributed by the Dorcas Society of Hollis and Buxton. Edited by Kate Douglas Wiggin (Maine, 1911). Kate was also the founder of this particular Dorcas Society chapter. Some may recognize her name as the author of Rebecca of Sunnybook Farm.

This page in the book shows, presumably,  Kate's signature and the inscription "Poor cook but pretty good editor!"

There is a nice introduction in the cookbook that would be of interest to those who have ancestors from this area or are interested in the Dorcas Society. If you want to learn more about the Dorcas Society of Hollis and Buxton see their website.

One of the interesting aspects of this cookbook is the recipes that are renamed so that "Dorcas" is part of the title. Some of those are featured below.