Sunday, January 6, 2013

Food For Thought 2013: Monthly Prompts for Writing Your Food History

Whenever I talk  about family food history, genealogists and non-genealogists alike recount wonderful stories about the foods they grew up with, their fond memories of the cooks in their family, and even what the kitchens of their childhood looked like.

I am a big believer in preserving social history for those who are the family's future genealogists. Whether it’s a family history book, a blog, a family cookbook, scrapbook or a Pinterest board, when you share these family memories you are sharing your family history.

That sharing is easier said than done, believe me I know. Encouraging everyone to document their family food history is one thing but what about providing some tools to help?

That’s my motivation behind this series of monthly writing prompts for 2013. Here I will provide  ideas, questions, and images to help you document your immediate and past family food history. Whether it’s writing about your grandmother’s rhubarb pie or seeking out information about what your 3rdgreat-grandmother cooked on the Oregon Trail, these questions and resources will help you share your family’s food heritage.

Join me as we document family food history with these topics:

January - Recipes
February – The Kitchen
March – Family History
April - Cookbooks

May – Historical Eras
June – Food Production
July – Summer Food
August – Eating Out

September – School Days
October - Sweets
November - Thanksgiving
December – Holidays/Special Occasions

Our first writing prompts will be posted later this week. Cheers!