Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Friday: Potato Chip Dip

The recipe for this week's Food Friday is not too remarkable but the book it comes from is.  This recipe is from a cookbook that is a combination family and company book. Notice that the recipe not only includes the author's signature but also her residence.

The recipe is found in the Wurlitzer Centennial Cook Book 1856-1956: A Book of Recipes Covering Three Generations of the Farny and Wurlitzer Family and the Wives of Present Business Associates.  The book includes recipes from their first cookbook as well as a short history of the Farney/Wurlitzer family,the business and their cookbook.

The Wurlitzer Company was originally a company that manufactured instruments. There is someone on Flickr who has digitized some of the first pages of the book that you can look at here.