Friday, October 19, 2012

Food Friday: What's Cookin'? Cheese and Fish Salad

Today's recipe comes from a California cookbook that really isn't a community cookbook but it does contain great information about the women whose recipes are spotlighted.

What's Cookin' by Ruth Gordon is "a collection of Menus (sic) and recipes that have appeared in the Santa Ynez Valley News, Solvang, California. All these recipes are original or old favorites of the hostesses that they have used for years..."

There is no date for this cookbook but my guess is it's from the mid 20th century. That's my guess since the recipe I'm spotlighting is a combination of gelatin, fish, cheese and mayo. Interesting gelatin recipes were popular around the 1950s.

What's Cookin' is digitized and available through Internet Archive.

Look at some of the great information included with these recipes. Stories, names of residences both in California and outside of the state accompany many of the recipes.

An Index is found at the back of the book but it appears that it doesn't include all the names featured in this cookbook.

And then last but certainly not least. I've always heard you shouldn't mix fish with cheese but obviously that was not always a cooking rule. I'm not against any food being accompanied with cheese, I'm a big fan of that dairy product. I'm just not sure about the whole seafood, cheese, gelatin and mayo combination.