Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Friday: Sandwiches from 1902

Who doesn't like a great sandwich? I personally think sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them but I digress. Today's recipe/s comes from the Souvenir Cookbook of the F.K.A. (Free Kindergarten Association) of Columbus, Georgia. Containing Favorite Recipes of Various Notable Columbus Housewives (1902). Though this example doesn't show any, this cookbook includes contributors names.

This list of possible sandwiches are interesting. While some you may have no problem trying there are a few others that may not be too your liking. I really like the lettuce sandwich which I have seen in other older cookbooks. It really goes to show that you can put anything on a sandwich.

The other great thing about this cookbook is the list of abbreviations used. Always look for these kinds of keys to help you understand your ancestor's recipes.

In my search for more information about the Free Kindergarten Association (FKA) I did find a manuscript collection for a FKA in Savannah, Georgia housed at the University of North Carolina's Southern Historical  Collection here. By conducting a Google Search on the phrase "Free Kindergarten Association" you will find links to manuscript collections for records from New Orleans, Cincinnati, and more.

This cookbook can be found on Internet Archive.