Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preserving and Sharing Family Recipes PDF from Family Tree Magazine

I thought I would pass along an offer I received in my email today.  Family Tree Magazine has a sale going on for some research guides that cover all kinds of genealogical research.  One of the PDFs  by Karen Edwards is the Step-by-Step Guide: Preserving and Sharing Family Recipes. You can order it for  $4.00 and it's downloaded to your computer. 

While I haven't talked about recipe cards on this blog, obviously they are an important family heirloom. Consider taking some time to preserve them and share them with others so that your family food traditions can be passed down.

There is also one other cooking related PDF on this flyer, which is History Matters: Utensils.

**Disclosure: I am writing a book for F + W Media which publishes Family Tree Magazine.  I have purchased many F + W Media products over the years.  No one asked me to post this article.